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Likelihood Ratio (LR) in Emergency Medicine


Is CRP useful alone to support the hypotesis of a bacteremia?

Clinical Scenario

It’s a very cold February, but ED is very hot in every sense of the word. 
A 22 y/o student refers stomach pain, chills, fever and diffuse muscolar pain. He has fever (38° C) there is a mild diffuse abdominal pain. 
The CRP value is 30 mg/L. 
Are there flu symptoms, or it is a bacteremia?

Can we use the CRP test for change our clinical suspicion? 


CRP is the most used biomarker of infections. 
News under the sun? No!
We can’t consider alone a normal CRP like a marker for rule out a bacteriaemia. At the same time an elevated CRP is not useful alone to prescribe antibiotic therapy. 


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Ciro Paolillo